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This community seems pretty sleepy, but I can't really complain to my friends about this much and I feel like I'm going to go a little insane if I don't talk about it a bit.

I really, really, really like this guy. He's not perfect, or really handsome, or really popular or anything, but I really like him anyway. He's cute and funny and I like talking to him a lot. I really like him and...I'm not quite sure why.

So we worked together at a theatre over the summer, where there were a lot of kids from other schools. He developed a huge crush on one of the girls there, who I like a lot, really. She's nice and funny and everything and I can see why he likes her. But...

He talked about her a lot, and how much he liked her, and how awesome she was and everything. I can't blame him for talking to me about, because we're friends and he doesn't know how I feel about him. So, the theatre ended, and I didn't see him for a month until we got back to school. Now I see him every afternoon, at the school theatre programme. A week or so ago, he said, or hinted--I don't really remember--that he didn't like her anymore.

And so lately, I've kind of been thinking he might like me. A little. Because he came over to talk to me a lot and he laughed at things I said and I thought he looked at me a lot.

Today I helped a friend out with his photography assignment, and we started talking about the photo class. (Coincidentally, the boy I like is the partner of my friend for the class.) So we're in the darkroom, and my friend turns to me and says "[boy] said something really sweet today."

"What?" quoth unsuspecting I.

"He said that next year, when [girl] went off to college, it was going to hurt him even more, because he likes her so much and he won't see her. He's really going to miss her a lot, I guess."

My poor friend couldn't understand why I had to abandon him in the middle of developing a picture and run into the girl's bathroom. And I feel quite stupid, both for imagining that he might like me and for complaining about it so much, but it's making me pretty miserable.

God, this is upsetting.
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