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i feel like shit, really, for posting in here. i figure you would prolly unnerstand. You'd think me a lying sack of dirt, but, it's nothing worse than what i've made myself feel over it.

well...i should start off. I'm with an AMAZING guy. he's smart, witty, creative, has a GREAT sense of humour, and beautiful. he literally makes my breath catch. we've been an item since the end of February, and, well, pretty much everyone who knows thinks we're a cute couple who're perfect for each other....i've just had a friend tell me that he doesn't want us to be a couple that breaks up because he has so much faith in us. This relationship is very, very long distance...and we've got trips scheduled throughout the year to make it work. it's hard and very crazy at times, but i really do want it to work. anyway, enough bringing things up to date...

now... Tom and i have a mutual friend. Josh is...very much myself in a dark light. I love him dearly. I liked him the day i met him. that hasn't changed over time. i actually Love the little punk. and yes, i do mean "little punk". he's going on 19. shame on me. When Tom told me in february how he felt, i said 'yes' to the whole thing...while still recovering from Josh. I remember telling Josh once...that no matter how many interesting peaple tried to catch my attention...i'd always follow him. Then he stopped talking...and became a video game addict. And ignored me. But i didn't care. He made me cry every time i talked to him...and i think i made dano sick and tired of it, cos i'd complain about it to him. i need to tell dano that i'm sorry for all that. the truth is, i'm still not over Josh. It's one of those things where...you don't really need a good reason to love someone...you just sort of, do. josh is still one of my best friends. i don't know what would happen if he ever stopped WANTING to talk to me. he constantly brings up the fact that he doesn't realize how much me misses talking to me until we're actually doing it...for me it's the opposite. i always forget how much i miss him when we're actually talking. it makes me incredibly sad.

anyway... that's my story. add?
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