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gwwgtcha's Journal

Girls Who Want Guys They Can't Have Anonymous
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So, you have this guy. You love him, he seems to love you, whatever. Assumptions? Yeah, until you get that phone call from him talking about the fabulous girl he's found out he loves.

If the above sounds familiar, then you're amongst friends. The girls who are fabulous and have skills, and yet the one guy they want isn't available. Sure, his parents love you, but he doesn't and keeps talking about that annoying girl he's always with. It's okay, we understand.

This can also be Gays Who Want Guys They Can't Have Anonymous, but we're kinda iffy about the Guys Who Want Girls They Can't Have Anonymous. If you really, really love a girl and aren't lusting after her, go ahead and join. If you're just going to be talking about wanting to stick your throbbing manstick into her wet pussy, this probably isn't the place for you.

The President of GWWGTCHA is jaggedapple. She'll probably be the one bitching the most, so... yeah.

Come one and all to our hotbed of insanity and unrequited love.

a change of heart, being a low-level stalker, his smile, his touch, hopeless romantics, love, pining over him, that guy, tilting at windmills, undermining their relationship, unrequited love